New York State Wind Projects

New York operational wind energy projects

New York wind projects planned or under construction

The list of wind energy projects in New York continues to grow:

  • Adirondack Wind Energy Park
  • Allegany Project (Everpower) (“The Allegany Wind Project is located in the Town of Allegany, in New York’s southern tier. Comprised of approximately 25-30 turbines, the project will be scattered throughout some 7,000 acres of primarily forested land in western New York.”)
  • BP Wind Energy
  • Cape Vincent
  • Dutch Hill Wind
  • East Hill Wind Farm
  • Ecogen Prattsburgh-Italy Wind Farm
  • First Wind projects
  • Fresh Kills (Staten Island)
  • Gateway Wind Energy (Schenectady County)
  • GenWy Wind I
  • Hardscrabble Project (Herkimer County)
  • Horizon Wind Energy Projects
  • Horse Creek Wind Farm
  • Howard Wind Project (alternative site) (Steuben County)
  • Jordanville Wind Farm. See also the SSEIS of Sept 2008. Per the SSEIS, “The Project has been reduced to include a total of 40 wind turbines with a generating capacity of up to 80 MW of clean, renewable energy. In addition to the wind turbines, the Project will involve construction of one 87-meter meteorological tower, along with an operations and maintenance (O&M) building, a system of gravel access road, a buried and above-ground 34.5 kilovolt (kV) electrical collection system, and a combined collection  station/interconnection substation. This represents a significant reduction in Project size from the layout proposed in the FEIS, which included 68 turbines and a 230 kV transmission line. The Project will be developed on approximately 5,550 acres of private land (approximately 54 separate parcels), in the Towns of Warren and Stark, and will be constructed in one continuous phase anticipated to commence in 2009 and be completed by Fall 2010. Once built, the wind turbines and associated components operate in almost completely automated fashion. The Project will, however, employ approximately five personnel. The wind turbine currently proposed is the Gamesa Eolica G87, which has a total height of 399 feet (i.e., height at the highest blade tip position). Each wind turbine has a computer to control critical functions, monitor wind conditions, and report data.”
  • Moresville Wind Energy Center (Towns of Roxbury and Stamford, Delaware County). Information and project documents posted by the Town of Roxbury Planning Board
  • Niagara Shore Wind (Niagara County)
  • Noble Environmental Power Projects
  • Plum Island Wind Park
  • Ripley-Westfield Wind Farm
  • Roaring Brook Wind Farm (Town of Martinsburg, Lewis County) (“The proposed Roaring Brook Wind Power Project would be located in the Town of Martinsburg, in Lewis County, NY. The current project design calls for construction and operation of thirty-nine, 2 MW wind turbines located on approximately 5,280 acres of private land. The Project will also involve the upgrade of an existing 10-mile system of unpaved forest roads, and construction of approximately 5 miles of new gravel access roads. Associated facilities include buried electrical gathering lines, a construction staging area, and an operations and maintenance building. The project will interconnect to the New York State National Grid Taylor-Boonville 115 kilovolt (kV) transmission line near Lee Road. The interconnection route will be comprised of approximately 5.5 miles of buried electrical line and 3 miles of overhead line.”)
  • St. Lawrence Wind Farm
  • Stone Church Wind (St. Lawrence County)
  • Stony Creek (Orangeville, Wyoming County) (Invenergy)
  • Town of Benton Project (ESWE)
  • West Hill Wind Farm

New York Offshore Wind Projects

  • Long Island-New York City Offshore Wind Project (“The proposed project would be located in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 13 miles off the Rockaway Peninsula. It would likely be designed for 350 megawatts (MW) of generation, with the ability to expand it to 700 MW, giving it the potential to be the largest offshore wind project in the country.”)
  • NYPA Great Lakes Project

A good source for planned and reasonably seasoned (and withdrawn) wind farm projects may be found within the NYISO Interconnection Queue. See also a July 2009 list of New York state wind farms from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC).

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