Law review article: Feds ought to have more input on wind project siting

Provocative (well, in a zoning law kind of way) new law review article from Albany Law’s Prof. Patricia Salkin and Hofstra Law’s Ashira Pelman Ostrow regarding the potential interplay between local zoning and national renewable energy policy (or the absence thereof).

Finding that “the lack of a clearly articulated national siting policy has slowed the process by adding to the cost of projects and enabling some communities to prevent entirely the siting of projects that would benefit the country as a whole,” the article concludes that:

a national wind siting policy [“modeled on the cooperative federalism framework of the [federal Telecommunication Act]’s  Siting Policy”] strikes an appropriate balance between local concerns regarding wind turbine siting and the national interest in developing wind as a renewable domestic energy source.

Readers can download the whole article, “COOPERATIVE FEDERALISM AND WIND: A NEW FRAMEWORK FOR ACHIEVING SUSTAINABILITY”, by clicking on the “download” button at this link.

You can also access it at Prof. Salkin’s “Law of the Land Blog.”