New York wind power updates

From recent press and web reports:

More locals siting their own renewable energy systems to generate power., 1/19

Ellisburg residents oppose transmission line for Galloo Island wind project. Watertown Daily Times, 1/22

Town of Enfield passes wind zoning law with setback requirements lesser than those recommended by Tompkins County. Ithaca Journal, 1/15 and 1/16

Town of Farmersville re-adopts wind zoning law after more complete environmental review. Buffalo News, 1/15

Town of Hartsville considers wind development moratorium. Hornell Evening Tribune, 1/15

Town of Irondequoit discusses wind zoning law.  Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, 1/21

Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) announces “Backyard Wind Power” program to provide rebates to homeowners, businesses, municipalities, and nonprofits seeking to harness power from the wind through the use of land-based wind turbines. LIPA, 1/21 Per LIPA, the program will

help transform the market for wind systems on Long Island by achieving the following:

  • Increasing consumer awareness and market demand for wind systems;
  • Accelerating the development of a robust, self sustaining local infrastructure for the delivery and the maintenance of quality wind systems;
  • Developing a mechanism to overcome financial market barriers; and
  • Accelerating the cost reduction of wind systems while increasing reliability and performance.

    Town of Orleans wind committee focuses on safety issues. Watertown Daily Times, 1/17

    Town of Wilson (Niagara County) passes wind development moratorium. Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, 1/22

    New York state wind energy updates

    [you lose power for a few days and look what happens while you’re away!]

    From recent press reports and the blogosphere:

    Town of Charlotte (Chautauqua County) plans for First Wind project to advance. The Post-Journal, 12/11

    Horizon Wind delays Marble River wind farm project (Town of Ellenburg and Hamlet of Churubusco, Clinton County) construction until 2010, due to state, local and market issues., 12/17

    Newly-formed Town of Clayton (Jefferson County) Wind Law Review Committee intends currently exclusively to have closed meetings. Watertown Daily Times, 12/11

    Sullivan County Community College (Loch Sheldrake, Town of Fallsburg) proposed turbine challenged in court by neighbor. Times Herald-Record, 12/11

    Galloo Island (Jefferson County) wind farm transmission line route proposed to be changed.  Watertown Daily Times, 12/16. Information from developer Upstate NY Power here.

    Town of Holland (Erie County) adopts six-month wind energy facilities siting moratorium. Buffalo News, 12/12

    Town of Pomfret (Chautauqua County) schedules 1/14/2009 hearing to review Horizon Wind meteorological (met) tower applications. 12/13

    Balloon tests, showing approximate height of proposed turbines in Town of Westfield (Chautauqua County), postponed. Westfield Republican, 12/11

    Wyoming County wind farms advance despite credit crunch. Daily News, 12/13

    NYS DEC issues Galloo Island environmental scoping document

    Galloo Island wind environmental scoping document available

    The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) final environmental scoping document for this wind farm project in the Town of Hounsfield (Jefferson County), filed under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA), is available online.

    Upstate NY Power Corp intends to place up to 84 wind turbines on Galloo Island in Lake Ontario with nameplate generation capacity up to 269 megawatts. The scoping document comprises 40-pages of detailed requirements but indicates that an underground transmission line necessary to be constructed for the project is not subject to SEQRA review. The transmission line will receive Article VII review from the New York Public Service Commission (PSC). The NYS DEC asserted itself lead agency for environmental review of the wind project over the objection of the Town of Hounsfield Planning Board.

    Watertown Daily Times (9/30) article on the NYS DEC document here.

    Where is Galloo Island you ask? Right here.

    New York wind developments

    Cattaraugus County seeks to preempt alternative energy tax breaks

    The Buffalo News reports (9/6) on an effort by county legislators to preempt state tax breaks for alternative energy projects.

    Cattaraugus County lawmakers rallied this week in support of a local law that would pre-empt the state’s automatic property tax exemptions for new wind power plants, solar energy systems and farm methane waste digesters.

    Galloo Wind transmission lines to be underground?

    The Watertown Daily Times (9/8) reports on an effort by Ellisburg (Jefferson County) to require the burying of transmission lines that would deliver to the grid electricity produced by the proposed Galloo Island wind farm.

    A proposed local law to require new electric transmission lines to be buried will have a public hearing at 8 p.m. Oct. 2, the next Town Council meeting.

    The council did not vote on the measure at its meeting Thursday night because the proposed zoning law amendment has not yet had a public hearing.

    “I hope you realize how serious we are on this proposal,” said Daniel L. Rossiter, an Ellisburg farmer and proponent of the proposed law. “The proposal provides ou

    Prattsburgh (Steuben County) wind project in court

    Per WETM-TV (9/5), oral argument occurred in a lawsuit challenging the Prattsburgh (First Wind) wind project.

    Friday lawyers for people opposed to the eminent domain proceedings went before a judge to try to stop it. Their lawsuit says the town supervisor, whose vote allowed the project to go forward has a conflict of interest, because he helped First Wind buy some land.

    Utica newspaper calls for New York state zoning guidance

    In light of state attorney general investigations into allegations of undue influence or potential corruption in the wind energy siting process, in an editorial the Utica Observer-Dispatch (9/8) called on state officials to step in to provide guidance to local officials. The state has been less involved in the siting process since the state’s Article X law expired more than five years ago.

    Nothing damages the public’s trust in government more than the possibility that elected and appointed officials are benefiting personally from government action….The state must investigate all such conflicts to see if wrongdoing occurred. Local officials must act in a manner beyond reproach by turning down all entreaties from private wind-turbine developers dangling lucrative lease deals in front of them. And the governor, state Legislature and attorney general must study this entire approval process so that localities have clear guidelines within which to operate.

    New York wind energy developments

    Town of Fulton considers wind development

    The Schenectady Daily Gazette reports (July 15) reports on the apparent ambivalence of town residents as expressed at a town board meeting that addressed the potential location of wind farms in the area.

    Galloo Island wind farm

    Palladium Times (July 11) reports on a presentation made to Oswego County legislators regarding the Hounsfield Wind Farm (Jefferson County). While the proposed Hounsfield wind farm itself is in Jefferson County, the necessary transmission line would go through neighboring Oswego County.

    Iberdrola-Energy East (July 12) reports that two more New York politicians (state senate Democratic members Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn) and Bill Perkins (D-Manhattan) have announced their support for Iberdrola’s proposed acquisition of Energy East, currently under review at the New York Public Service Commission (PSC). More here on the NY PSC’s consideration of the Iberdrola-Energy East transaction.

    Lackawanna Steel Winds wind project will get new turbines

    Buffalo News (July 11) reports that the City of Lackawanna Planning Board approved a site plan for 13 new wind turbines for the Steel Winds. Steel Winds is a project of Clipper Windpower.

    New York Attorney General Investigation

    More on the investigation into First Wind (formerly UPC Wind) and Noble Environmental Power, LLC:

    Offshore wind projects

    Buffalo News (July 12) reports on the potential of offshore wind projects, particularly around the Great Lakes. Advantages include stronger, more consistent wind resources (including during the day when demand is high), potentially reduced zoning jurisdicitional requirements; challenges include ice and cost and the environmental impact.  Here for description of a recent offshore wind report focusing on New York.

    Potential Orange County municipal wind project

    Times Herald-Record (July 15) reports on a potential project at Greenwood Lake. Meteorological testing has begun.

    Spafford wind law

    Skaneateles Press on CNYLInk (July 15) reports that the Town of Spafford discussed a proposed wind turbine law, aimed at regulating the use of smaller scale turbines. Among those present at the Town Board meeting was a representative of the Town of Skaneateles, who expressed concern that that the town had not been notified of the proposed law.