New York wind power updates

From recent press and web reports:

More locals siting their own renewable energy systems to generate power., 1/19

Ellisburg residents oppose transmission line for Galloo Island wind project. Watertown Daily Times, 1/22

Town of Enfield passes wind zoning law with setback requirements lesser than those recommended by Tompkins County. Ithaca Journal, 1/15 and 1/16

Town of Farmersville re-adopts wind zoning law after more complete environmental review. Buffalo News, 1/15

Town of Hartsville considers wind development moratorium. Hornell Evening Tribune, 1/15

Town of Irondequoit discusses wind zoning law.  Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, 1/21

Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) announces “Backyard Wind Power” program to provide rebates to homeowners, businesses, municipalities, and nonprofits seeking to harness power from the wind through the use of land-based wind turbines. LIPA, 1/21 Per LIPA, the program will

help transform the market for wind systems on Long Island by achieving the following:

  • Increasing consumer awareness and market demand for wind systems;
  • Accelerating the development of a robust, self sustaining local infrastructure for the delivery and the maintenance of quality wind systems;
  • Developing a mechanism to overcome financial market barriers; and
  • Accelerating the cost reduction of wind systems while increasing reliability and performance.

    Town of Orleans wind committee focuses on safety issues. Watertown Daily Times, 1/17

    Town of Wilson (Niagara County) passes wind development moratorium. Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, 1/22

    NYS wind zoning and siting updates

    According to recent press reports:

    Noble Environmental Power project in towns of Freedom and Farmersville (Catarraugus County) on long-term hold. Arcade Herald, 11/25

    Horizon Wind now targetting 2011 to bring Town of Pomfret (Chautauqua County) project online. Observer Today, 11/26

    Echoing an earlier Associated Press report, New York Times blogger describes apparent slow down of wind projects in New York, cites Noble Environmental Power project delays granted by NYSERDA.  New York Times, 11/25

    Towns’ regulation of wind in New York

    From recent press reports:

    Oneida-based Empire State Wind Energy discusses potential wind energy project in Town of Alfred (Allegany County). Evening Tribune, 11/18

    The Town of Berne (Albany County) is considering a wind development moratorium. Albany Times Union 11/19

    Town of Farmersville (Cattaraugus County) updates wind regulations, eliminates moratorium. The Town has reportedly been approached by Noble Environmental Power to site a 67-turbine facility. Buffalo News, 11/18 But Noble’s projects in the towns of Farmersville and Freedom (Cattaraugus County) may be delayed by economic climate. Buffalo News, 11/20

    At a community forum in Irondequoit, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo indicated that his office was looking into concerns regarding the manner in which a local wind law in the Town of Hamlin was passed. Rochester City Paper, 11/19

    Herkimer County Legislature defines what it wants from PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) agreements from wind developers. Utica Observer-Dispatch, 11/18; Herkimer Telegram, 11/18

    New New York Power Authority (NYPA) President and CEO Richard Kessel met with Buffalo area leaders to discuss plans to bolster the upstate economy:

    To do so, NYPA President and Chief Executive Officer Richard Kessel said, would include use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and transmitting hydropower from Canada, which then would be redistributed. ‘Nothing is more important than transmission, it’s the name of the game,’ Kessel said, adding, ‘New York state is like a human body with arteries and veins, with nothing connected to the heart.’ Buffalo News, 11/17.

    See also Lockport Journal, 11/20

    Local New York state wind power updates

    According to recent press reports:

    The Town of Enfield has scheduled a public hearing for November 6 to discuss a proposed wind law that reduces setbacks. Ithaca Journal (10/21)

    The Town of Farmersville (Cattaraugus County) enacted a moratorium on wind development while it changes a 2007 law on wind energy systems zoning. Buffalo News (10/24)

    In the hamlet of Harborfields (Suffolk County), school officials are considering siting a wind turbine to reduce energy costs. Times Beacon Record (10/23)

    NYRI officials say the proposed major transmission line would reduce energy costs to Oneida County and statewide. Opponents disagree. Observer Dispatch (10/22). See also Newsday (10/20)

    Clean energy employment is booming. Albany Times Union (10/23)

    Local company receives $1M grant from NYSERDA to produce rooftop vertical axis turbines.  Poughkeepsie Journal (10/16)

    At the annual conference of ACE-NY NYISO’s chairman Stephen Whitley discussed transmission bottlenecks and other impediments to bringing more renewables on to the state’s grid. Albany Business Review (10/24)

    New York wind energy: Albany County, Farmersville

    Shell Wind Energy potentially in Towns of New Scotland and Rensselaerville (Albany County)

    The weekly Altamont Enterprise (10/2) reports [as does the Schenectady Daily Gazette 10/7 and the Albany Times Union (10/7)] on apparent plans by Shell Wind Energy to develop two 25-turbine sites in Albany County not far from the Helderberg Escarpment:

    Shell Oil and Cinco Energy Land Services are looking to build commercial wind farms on both state and private land in Rensselaerville and New Scotland.

    Representatives have been approaching residents about leasing their properties. Shell has been tight-lipped about the project’s details, and neither town has zoning regulating the building of windmills.

    Part of this project involves building on the Partridge Run State Wildlife Management Area in the Helderbergs…

    Farmersville (Cattaraugus County) may enact moratorium

    Buffalo News (10/5) reports on a wind development moratorium being considered by the Town of Farmersville

    The Farmersville Town Board will meet in a special session at 7 p. m. Monday to discuss the possibility of placing a moratorium on permits for wind-energy generating facilities.

    Officials also canceled a public hearing Wednesday on a proposal to increase wind project application fees and amended the town’s law regulating wind farms…