Windmills stir up a storm in Cape Vincent NY | News from The Post-Standard

Compelling article describing the conflicts that wind projects can potentially provoke in local communities.

“I really think that most of the people are trying to do just what they think is right. There’s a wide range of what people think is right,” said Gebo, the town attorney. “Wind has gotten to be emotional. It’s hard to have a logical discussion about it. It’s been a difficult struggle in Cape Vincent, for sure.”

Windmills stir up a storm in Cape Vincent | News from The Post-Standard –. (2/14)

New York wind developments

Lyme (Jefferson County) wracked by wind issues

Per the Watertown Daily Times (9/11), the Lyme town council decided to appeal the recent decision by a state trial court to invalidate a strict wind ordinance. (Gosier et al. v. Town Board of Lyme). The Town is also set to discuss a renewed moratorium on wind project development on September 30. Additional report from WWNY-TV here. BP Alternative Energy is developing a wind project in the area.

Schuyler (Herkimer County) considers wind ordinance

The Herkimer Evening Telegram (9/9) reports that

The Schuyler Town Board is conducting a public hearing to receive comment on the proposed Wind Energies Facilities Ordinance on Wednesday, at 6:30 p.m., at the Schuyler Town Office, Route 5, Utica. The proposed Local Law addresses the jurisdiction of both residential and commercial wind energy facilities for the town of Schuyler, according to a newsletter distributed to residents.

New York wind energy developments

East Bloomfield (Ontario County) adopts wind ordinance

The Daily Messenger (8/28) reports that

Tipping its hat to the town Planning Board members and critics who have jousted with them during the drafting of a windmill law, the Town Board on Monday unanimously passed a revised version on its second attempt.

Henderson (Jefferson County) wind project under consideration

From the Watertown Daily Times (9/2)

A fledgling investment group is eyeing the town as a location for a wind power project.

Ronald J. Scrudato has talked to town Supervisor Clyde E. Moore and one landowner. He represents an investment firm so young, it’s name isn’t set yet. But so far, it’s called Delfea and it is based in New Jersey.

Herkimer County conflict allegations

From the Utica Observer-Dispatch (8/30)

At least one Stark Town Board member and three town Zoning Board of Appeals members have signed leases with the developer behind the Jordanville Wind Project, according to Herkimer County property records. Stark town officials said they have been paying close attention to these potential conflicts of interest and have followed legal advice to make sure they haven’t done anything wrong.

Jefferson County wind project tax breaks discussed, criticized

From the Watertown Daily Times (8/31)

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it may grow on windmills. The developers of the four proposed wind farms in Jefferson County could capitalize on tax breaks and incentives at the federal, state and local levels through their projects. Opponents say the subsidies take taxpayer money and give it to those who already are rich.

Lyme, NY wind proponents score judicial victory

Residents of the Town of Lyme (Jefferson County) who favor wind development scored a victory in New York State Supreme Court on Thursday. Judge Hugh Gilbert invalidated a strict wind ordinance that the Town Council had passed in May 2008 by a 3-2 vote.  The zoning ordinance, which detractors say would effectively have killed wind development in the town, was aparently to be implemented after the July 31 expiration of a town moratorium on wind development.

According to reports, a group of local residents known as “Voters for Wind” filed a protest challenging the ordinance under section 265 of the New York Town Law. Under the law, when a written protest is filed, a supermajority vote (75%) is required to pass such an ordinance. Because no supermajority vote occured, the Voters for Wind challenged the decision of the Town Council in an Article 78 proceeding in the state’s Supreme Court (New York’s trial court).

The Town Council had refused to take the written protest into account as some land owners’ signatures were not present and it considered others ineligible. The judge reportedly found that the Council acted arbitrarily and capriciously in rejecting the protest and so invalidated the restrictive ordinance. [This blogger did not have a copy of the decision, Case No. 07-789, at the time of this write up.] The decision is here: Gosier et al. v Town Board of Town of Lyme Index No. 08-1823 (Aug 20 2008).

Should the decision stand, BP Alternative Energy would presumably continue to pursue its local project. Or not. See also Cape Vincent wind farm.

New York wind developments 8/4

Cape Vincent Wind

Watertown Daily Times reports (7/31) that BP Alternative Energy unveiled to local residents its proposed siting plan for the 95 turbines to comprise the Cape Vincent Wind Farm. Also reported by News 10 Now.

Gorham small wind (8/4) describes efforts by local residents to site small turbines on their properties in Ontario County.

Hanover passes wind facilities siting law

Observer Today reports (7/31) on the Town Board of Hanover (Chautauqua County) adopting a new wind siting law. Also in the Buffalo News.

New York City wind

The New York Times has a nice retrospective on an avant garde windmill placed on an apartment building rooftop in the 1970s:

Soon they had 40 people on the roof [to erect the windmill]. “Everybody’s drinking,” Mr. Price said. “It’s a timing issue. You can’t get everyone up there unless there’s drink, but you can’t wait too long or they’re too drunk to work.”

New York wind energy developments 7/30

Altona wind farm (7/24) reports on Horizon Wind’s project.

Cape Vincent wind farm

Watertown Daily Times (7/23) reports that BP Alternative Energy will present the siting of its 95-turbine wind project in Cape Vincent (Jefferson County).

Cattaraugus County discusses lawyer fees

The Buffalo News (7/21) reports that the county legislature is determining whether to spend $25,000 on lawyers fees to review and negotiate payment in lieu of taxes agreements with wind developers. More reports on 7/25.

Charlotte zoning includes wind provisions

Observer Today (7/27) reports on the Town of Charlotte (Chautauqua County) passing a zoning law including wind provisions.

Evans NY wind law on hold

Buffalo News (7/19) reports on decision of Evans (Erie County) Town Board to delay discussion of wind energy law affecting residential and commercial projects. More reports from The Sun (7/24).

Hanover wind law

Buffalo News (7/29) reports that the Hanover (Chautauqua County) Town Board approved a new wind law.

Hartsville wind project advances

The Evening Tribune (7/26) reports that E.On (successor to Airtricity) is moving ahead with a Hartsville (Steuben County) project of some 33 to 46 turbines.

Horse Creek Wind Farm

Watertown Daily Times (7/24) reports on concerns raised by residents of the Town of Clayton (Jefferson County) regarding potential water contamination.

Iberdrola-Energy East

Albany Times Union (7/25) reports that Iberdrola requested July 14 that the New York Public Service hold a special meeting to vote on Iberdrola’s proposed acquisition of Energy East.

Portland PILOT and wind law

The Observer (7/21) reports on developments in the Town of Portland (Chautauqua County) relating to a Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) agreement. Separately, the Observer (7/21) reported on the presentation to the Town Board of a proposed wind law.

Richmondville ZBA approves extension permit for met tower

The Schenectady Daily Gazette (7/23) reports that the Town of Richmondville (Schoharie County)  Zoning Board of Appeals voted unanimously to approve a one-year extension of the permit allowing Reunion Power to site a meteorological tower in the Town.

Ripley-Westfield wind farm draft scope available

The draft environmental scoping document for the Ripley-Westfield (Chautauqua County) Wind Farm is available here. The Westfield Republican (7/24) reports that comments on same are due by August 8.

Tompkins County wind developments

Ithaca Journal (7/28) reports on multiple zoning initiatives, in Enfield, Ithaca and Newfield (6 month moratorium)

Wind siting challenges across NYS

The Press & Sun Bulletin (7/24) describes a variety of local projects and potential conflicts of interest.