New York energy-related federal stimulus funding

So you work in the renewables (maybe wind) sector and you’d like a piece of the nearly $4 billion federal stimulus (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 [ARRA]) pie available to New York energy projects.

The New York government has a website devoted to the topic:

A factsheet keyed in on available energy stimulus funding is available. A more generalized handbook concerning all funding opportunities is here.

NYSERDA also has posted information, online here. The agency indicates that if you have a specific question, you should email or call 1‐866‐NYSERDA (1‐866‐697‐3732).  [Added 5/5/2009: NYSERDA should be receiving nearly $30 million in federal funds for small municipalities through the Energy Efficiency Block Grant Program (EEBGP), which provides grants to U.S. local governments, states, territories, and Indian tribes, to fund projects that reduce energy use and fossil fuel emissions, and improve energy efficiency. NYSERDA must first submit an application to the Department of Energy by May 26, 2009. Once approval is received, NYSERDA will issue information on how to apply for funds.  Information on the EEBGP here.]

Questions on federal stimulus monies for New York also may be directed to the Department of Public Service’s Kimberly Harriman.

The time to act is now, as application deadlines loom. You can apply here.