Monmouth poll: offshore wind not a great nimby concern

Monmouth University Polling Institute recently queried residents of the Mid Atlantic states (including New York) regarding the desirability of offshore wind. 63% of New Yorkers favor placement of wind farms in sight of the coastline (pp. 19-20), though a greater percentage -77%- more favor non-visible placement. Only 37% favor drilling for oil and gas.

The poll may be found here,, but in case it moves, it’s also downloadable from this blog: Monmouth Mid Atlantic Coast Survey 2009

State oversight on wind energy facility siting – what do you think?

It’s Friday afternoon. Why not ask our readers a question.

There is increased debate in New York state regarding how well municipalities are equipped to handle the siting process of wind power facilities, particularly industrial scale facilities. At the same time, the state is encouraging if not requiring renewables, including wind, as part of its energy resource mix. So just how involved should the state be in the siting of wind facilities? What do you think? (Potential answers show up in random order below.)