Senator Gillibrand calls for federal tax credit for NY wind turbine production

Gillibrand Calls on Feds to Provide Tax Credit for Wind Turbine Production in Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, and Ogdensburg

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand today urged the federal government to approve an investment tax credit to build wind turbines in manufacturing sites in Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo and Ogdensburg. The D’Arcinoff Group, a U.S. based company, is looking to operate clean technology manufacturing facilities in 15 plants across the U.S. According to their estimates, the four New York plants could employ up to 15,000 people, working in multiple shifts. If fully financed, Phase One of the project could create upwards of 800 jobs at Syracuse’s New Process Gear facility in DeWitt, 6,000 jobs in Rochester, 2,000 jobs in Buffalo, and 1,200 jobs in Ogdensburg.

via Kirsten Gillibrand – United States Senator for New York: News.

NYISO queue update – 48 wind projects

Forty-eight wind projects (including two Long Island Cable projects) are in the NYISO queue to ultimately connect to the state’s electric grid.

These projects represent a total of almost 7GW of summer peak production, and have an average size of 144 MW summer peak production. The numbers are relatively high owing to the scale of the few offshore products in the queue.

Here for a full table of current wind projects in the NYISO queue.

Wind turbines as cigarettes?

(April 1- New York) In a move sure to unsettle some residents, the Town of Marlboor, New York has approved a wind farm project with turbines made to look like cigarettes.

“These are not real cigarettes. These are electronic cigarettes,” said Town Supervisor Joe Kahmle. “We are not advocating pollution of any kind.”

In a bid to raise money for town coffers, the town agreed to allow the turbines to be painted to resemble electronic cigarettes made by the NoSmokeSmokes Corp.

Company representative Simone Barsinister indicated that she saw the project as a win-win-win-win. “Look,” she said, “We paid the town a lump sum; people will stop bringing into their lungs smoke from cigarettes and smokestacks; and if folks are smart about this, they will recharge their smokeless smokes at night when the turbines are spinning fast. I’m surprised more towns aren’t jumping at the opportunity.”

Representatives of NYISO were unavailable for comment as to what impact on the grid the mass plugging in of electronic cigarettes may have. NoSmokeSmokes estimates that for every 10MW of power generated, the ingestion of 10M mg of tar will be avoided.

Photo simulation of the “Cigarette Turbine” project submitted as part of the town’s environmental due diligence:

wind turbine as electronic cigarette

wind turbine as electronic cigarette

Washington Post review of “Windfall” documentary

Washington Post’s Ann Hornaday reviews “‘Windfall” documentary about the local conflicts engendered by a wind project in Meredith, N.Y.

Faucets don’t spit fire in “Windfall,” making its local premiere Saturday at the Environmental Film Festival. But incendiary water may be the only side effect not associated with wind power in Laura Israel’s absorbing, sobering documentary about the lures and perils of green technology…

via Ann Hornaday reviews ‘Windfall’ – The Washington Post.

Kojo Nnamdi: Wind Power and Local Accusations of “NIMBYism”

Podcast available on Wind Power And Local Accusations of “NIMBYism” from the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU 88.5 (Washington, D.C.)

Wind Power And Local Accusations of “NIMBYism”

A proposal in Maryland for an offshore wind farm is facing resistance from power companies, but may meet even more opposition from the local community.

A plan to develop a wind farm ten miles off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland, is facing resistance from power companies and some legislators. The proposed 400-foot high turbines could also be an issue for local residents and businesses in this tourist-heavy beach town. We’ll discuss the proposal, and we’ll also talk to a filmmaker who chronicled a rural community’s sharp divide over wind farms in upstate New York.

via Wind Power And Local Accusations of “NIMBYism” | The Kojo Nnamdi Show.

US Chamber: NY Wind Projects Delayed

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, its new Project No Project report

assesses the broad range of energy projects that are being stalled, stopped, or outright killed nationwide due to “Not In My Back Yard” (NIMBY) activism, a broken permitting process and a system that allows limitless challenges by opponents of development.

The study is nationwide in scope and discusses energy projects generally. New York wind projects which, per U.S. Chamber of Commerce, are unnecessarily stalled are:

  • Adirondack Wind Energy Park, Gore Mountain
  • Alabama Ledge Wind Farm
  • Cape Wyckoff Wind Project
  • Allegany Wind Farm Project
  • Hardscrabble Wind Farm
  • Horse Creek Wind Farm
  • Jericho Rise Wind Farm
  • Jones Beach Wind Farm
  • Jordanville Wind Farm
  • Marble River Wind Farm
  • Prattsburgh Wind Farm

What is needed, according to the Chamber, is

a careful consideration of how all these permitting obstacles and uncertainties and time delays can be addressed so as to speed up the processing, consideration, approval decisions, and development of many of the job creatingprojects whose progress has so far been denied.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce report, Project No Project — Progress Denied: The Potential Economic Impact of Permitting Challenges Facing Proposed Energy Projects

Albany Times Union article

NYS Tax Dept: No sales tax on commercial wind farm [older]

In the oldie but goodie department, the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Office of Counsel Advisory Opinion Unit issued an Advisory Opinion in December 2009, for PETITION NO. S080416A, relating to whether sales tax would apply to a BP commercial wind farm on leased property.

The Tax Department states:

Petitioner BP Wind Energy North America, Inc. requested an advisory opinion as to whether its construction and installation of a commercial wind farm on leased premises are considered a capital improvement and are subject to sales tax.

We conclude that Petitioner’s installations of its equipment on leased property pursuant to the terms of its lease agreement do not constitute a capital improvement to the leased premises. The assembly and installation of its wind generation equipment used directly and predominantly in the generation of electricity for sale may nonetheless qualify for exemption from sales tax pursuant to the provisions of sections 1115(a)(12), 1105(c)(3) and 1105-B of the Tax Law. The purchases of property, machinery and equipment (and charges for installation of that property) that do not qualify for the exemption for machinery and equipment used directly and predominantly in the generation of electricity for sale are subject to tax.

Advisory Opinion here.