ACE-NY 2010 Policy Agenda favors “one stop shop” for energy facility siting

Well, we brought you the New York State Towns Association’s legislative agenda, which calls for continued local control over wind and other energy facilities siting. Comes the policy agenda of the Alliance for Clean Energy, NY, which favors a state “one stop shop”, with local representation. The issue of (clean or otherwise) power plant siting oversight has been a constant irritant for municipalities, developers and utilities alike since the expiration of Article X some seven years ago.

ACE NY strongly supports the enactment of a law establishing a “one-stop shop” siting board for new power plants. We support a fuel neutral siting bill but believe that if any generation projects are provided with streamlined permitting, that priority should be provided for clean energy projects. Since clean energy generation sources should be the state’s preferred generation resources, they may warrant slightly different substantive and procedural treatment within a reenacted siting bill. A siting board would provide much-needed consistency in treatment of projects across the state; better interagency coordination of needed permit approvals; and clearer, streamlined time frames for all interested parties. ACE NY supports the inclusion of provisions for intervenor funding and inclusion of local representation on the board for specific project review, and is open to discussion as to the appropriate project size limit for inclusion in a new statewide siting law.

The policy agenda otherwise endorses more wind energy, including offshore.

Source: Final ACE NY Policy Agenda 2010.

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