North Carolina Senate votes to limit mountaintop wind turbines

As reported in Green, Inc., at least one state legislature is wrestling head on with wind energy facility siting. [Postsctipt: Here’s news on another state, Wisconsin state wind siting legislation developments, from Wind for Wisconsin]

As reported, the North Carolina Senate voted overwhelmingly for Senate Bill 1068, which would limit ridge top wind turbines to those erected for the purpose of generating electricity for residential purposes and provided that they are no more than 100 feet tall to the hub.

The bill otherwise prescribes review conditions for wind facilities of 3 MW nameplate generation capacity or greater, including as such might impact scenic vistas. Wind power generating facilities would not be permitted if

Construction or operation of the facility would have a significant adverse impact on views from any State or national park, wilderness area, significant natural heritage area as compiled by the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program, or other public lands or private conservation lands designated or dedicated due to their high recreational values.

And it’s not like the state does not endorse renewables to any extent. Since 2007 it has had on the books a renewable portfolio standard.

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