New York State Bar Association issues global warming recommendations

In a report released April 6, the New York State Bar Association

called on Governor Paterson to implement immediately eight actions that would significantly reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and will have little or no fiscal impact on state or local government budgets.

Among the recommendations is one specifically directed toward wind energy:

New York should encourage the development of wind energy projects and adopt a statewide wind energy goal under the Public Service Commission’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) similar to New Jersey’s goal of 3,000 megawatts of wind energy by 2020.

The recommendation is elaborated as number 12 of 22 recommendations:

12. Encourage Wind Energy Projects, Including Those Located Offshore

New York should encourage the development of wind energy projects both by encouraging their development and by adopting a statewide goal as part of the RPS requirement. The State Revenue Maximization Commission should look into the possibility of leasing State lands (with the exception of parkland) for wind farms. In addition, the development of largescale offshore wind energy projects has considerable potential. New Jersey recently approved a 345.6 MW offshore wind project, consisting of 96 turbines located sixteen miles off its coast, southeast of Atlantic City.  Similar offshore wind projects could be sited in New York off the shore of Long Island and in Lake Ontario. Governor Paterson has formed a working group to study the potential for a project off the Rockaway Peninsula. This working group’s efforts should be encouraged.

New York should also consider adopting a specific wind energy goal as a separate requirement under its RPS. In October 2008, New Jersey Governor John Corzine announced a plan to triple the state’s goal for offshore wind power, setting a target of 3,000 MW by 2020. New York should adopt a similar goal in its current review of the RPS requirements.

NYSBA press release here.

Full report here.


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