New York State Energy Planning Board issues interim report

The Energy Coordinating Working Group (ECWG) of the New York State Energy Planning Board has issued an Interim Report for public review and comment. This Interim Report provides a set of preliminary findings that have emerged from the ECWG’s work on the 2009 State Energy Plan to date, and is intended to provide a context and discussion of the issues that the 2009 State Energy Plan must address to meet the State’s energy needs.

The Interim Report can be found at the New York State Energy Plan website.

With respect to wind energy as a state resource, the interim report indicates

…Significant potential remains for the development of large-scale wind generation, both on-land and off-shore in the coastal waters of New York. As a power generation resource, wind provides intermittent energy to the system,[FN: Wind and solar resources are referred to as intermittent because they are generally limited to providing power to the electric grid when the relevant fuel sources (wind and sun) are available. Adequate reserve and balancing power capability, usually provided by conventional electric system resources, must be available to reliably integrate intermittent generation resources into the bulk power system.] and the wind turbines must be located at sites of greatest potential for electricity generation. The intermittent nature of these resources presents technical challenges to integration with the bulk transmission system so that system reliability is not adversely affected. These challenges have been met successfully to date for the amount of wind generation interconnected to the New York grid. However, large additions of new wind resources will make additional demands on the bulk transmission system and grid operators.

The optimal locations for new on-land and off-shore wind generation indicate that additional transmission resources will likely be needed to deliver these indigenous resources to New York customers; however, siting of these renewable generation facilities, and their associated infrastructure can be controversial.

Comments on the Interim Report will be accepted through May 15, 2009. Procedures for filing either electronic comments or written comments can be found on the website. The ECWG encourages stakeholders to submit their comments electronically, whenever possible.

In accordance with the schedule for the 2009 State Energy Plan, a Draft Plan will be issued on July 15, 2009. Following a Public Hearing period, the schedule of which will be issued in the near future, the Final Plan is scheduled to be published on October 15, 2009.

If you need assistance filing comments, please don’t hesitate to call on us to see if we can assist you.


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