NYS wind energy legislative update

A variety of bills relating to the development of wind energy in New York state are pending at the state legislature. These include:

A01744. An act to amend the tax law, in relation to establishing a corporate and a personal income tax credit for wind energy system equipment.  This legislation encourages residential and farm electric customers to interconnect wind energy generations on their premises to the electric power distribution system by granting a tax credit for the purchase of wind electric generating equipment. This bill amends similar legislation enacted in 1997 which provides for tax credits, limited to solar photovoltaic systems. Status: Referred to Ways and Means Committee 1/9/2009.

A06258. Establishes the New York state task force on wind generating facilities siting to study the need to implement a uniform statewide policy regarding the siting and permitting of wind energy production facilities; further establishes an 18 month moratorium upon the siting and permitting of wind energy production facilities. Referred to Energy 2/27/2009.

S01784 . Directs a study of the siting processes for wind energy production facilities and provides for a report with recommendations for an overall sitings plan. Referred to Energy and Communications 2/6/2009.

S01991. Relates to requiring local building and planning regulations to accommodate the use of renewable energy resources. Same as A00626. Referred to Local Government 2/10/2009


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