Wind power updates

From the Web:

A cottage industry has arisen refurbishing and re-using old turbines.  Interesting article on potential patent infringement issues as they relate to the re-use of old wind turbine parts in Eric Lane’s Green Patent Blog.

For reasons obvious to any renewable energy-interested gadget freak, the announcement of Principle Power and Energias de Portugal (EDP) to develop a floating wind turbine project off the coast of Portugal is just, well, cool. Assuming costs can be controlled, offshore wind, with its reasonably regular winds and proximity to load centers (population centers where electricity is used),  offers tremendous potential and avoids, for obvious reasons, myriad zoning issues faced by on-land projects. Not to say there aren’t other permitting, environmental or other issues to contend with, of course.

Curious where the wind resources in New York state are? Check out the maps made available by Capital Region-based AWS Truewind in partnership with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). The New York Wind Resource Explorer (WRE) is available online.

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