FCC, AM radio, wind turbines

We earlier asked  whether the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) intends to get in the business of regulating wind turbine siting.

Well, if you’d like to comment on the FCC’s proposed rules, as a consequence of their publication in the Federal Register, you now have until January 12, 2009, to do so. Reply comments are due no later than February 9, 2009.

From the FCC press notice:

Released: 12/11/2008. MEDIA BUREAU ANNOUNCES COMMENT AND REPLY COMMENT DATES FOR THE SECOND FURTHER NOTICE OF PROPOSED RULEMAKING REGARDING THE DISTURBANCE OF AM BROADCAST STATION ANTENNA PATTERNS. (DA No. 08-2688). Comments Due: 01/12/2009. Reply Comments Due: 02/11/2009. MB. Contact: Ann Gallagher at (202) 418-2700, email: Ann.Gallagher@fcc.gov or Susan Crawford at (202) 418-2700, email: Susan.Crawford@fcc.gov. News Media Contact: Clyde Ensslin at (202) 418-0506, TTY: (202) 418-0432 or (888) 835-5322


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