Visit to Maple Ridge wind farm

Here are some pretty unsophisticated home movie clips (totalling one minute) of a July 2008 visit to the Maple Ridge windfarm. Yes, the blogger dragged the blogger’s family. If you’ve been to a windfarm you’ll doubtfully have interest in the video.

The first segment is pretty close to a turbine. Commentary by Ethan. For the record, the turbine is bigger (well, taller) than our house.

The second segment briefly shows the scale of a single turbine. Notice the people walking up the access road toward the camera. (If memory serves, these are 1.65MW Vestas, almost 400 feet at full vertical rotor blade extension, but you’ll want to check that.)

The third segment offers a pretty quick, roughly 360-degree panorama. At 0:56 you get a decent view of a spare blade centered in the picture, with the O&M building immediately behind and to the right.

The extraneous sound heard is more the wind itself than the turbines, and demonstrates primarily the inability of the microphone on my camera to filter it out. It’s windy in Lowville!

I’m grateful to Bill Burke, who on short notice gratiously showed us (and some impromptu visitors from the Cape Vincent area) a video of and described the project before he had to run off to volunteer at the county fair. (If you’re looking for a terrific county fair, by all means head up to Lewis County in the summer time.)

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