New York net metering receives passing grade

Citing New York’s 2008 legislative expansion of its net metering regime, the Network for New Energy Choices (NNEC) has upgraded New York’s net metering grade from D to B in its “Freeing the Grid 2008” report, stating:

Now enacted, these [net metering expansion] bills significantly expand the state’s net metering law. The state has gone from a “D” in Freeing the Grid 2007 to a “B” in Freeing the Grid 2008, and the renewable energy community could not be happier.

With high energy costs and plenty of renewable resources, New York represents a crucial energy market. Now, with all customer classes able to net meter and the cap raised to 2 MW (25 kW for residential) for solar and wind energy systems, the door is open for renewable energy growth in the Empire State.

New York continued to receive a “C” for interconnection. In this regard, the NNEC recommends that New York state:

  • Increase allowed system capacity to 20 MW;
  • Remove requirements for redundant external disconnect switch; and
  • Expand interconnection standards to all utilities (i.e., munis and co-ops)

Freeing the Grid 2008 Press release found here.

Full report, “Freeing the Grid 2008” here.

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