Wind developments in New York

Recent news includes articles on the challenges of transporting very large wind turbine parts on local roads, creating special zoning districts for wind facilities, and enacting local moratoria to stop development while towns examine how to zone wind facilities.

“Shipment of wind turbine blades causes traffic tieups in Buffalo”, Buffalo News (10/17)

Two windmill blades head north on Main Street at Delavan Avenue toward the Kensington Expressway in an example of misrouting. If you’ve been downtown in recent days, you may have noticed some very long flatbeds carrying some big cargo tying up traffic… The turbine parts are being shipped from a Quebec manufacturing plant to the High Sheldon Wind Farm in Wyoming County, approximately 30 miles southeast of Buffalo…

“Cape [Vincent, Jefferson County] rethinks turbine areas”, Watertown Daily Times (10/16)

The members of the committee formed to produce a zoning amendment to deal with wind farms changed their minds about boundaries for the area in which turbines would be allowed. About three weeks ago, the committee tentatively agreed to set Route 6 as the western boundary for a wind overlay district. But Wednesday afternoon, the committee decided that the entire agricultural-residential district should allow turbines…

“Tioga [County] board approves windmill moratorium”, The Daily Review (10/17)

The Tioga County Planning Board gave a positive recommendation Wednesday on a proposal from the town of Barton to place a 180 day moratorium on the installation of wind energy facilities within the town. The Town of Barton currently has deficient ordinances in place to regulate new wind energy facilities, the board said. Due to recent interest in developing wind energy plants in Barton, time is needed to develop new ordinances to regulate them, according to the board…


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