New York wind energy developments

A good number of developments relating to town struggles with zoning and siting issues across the state have been reported by local (and far-away) media outlets.

“Town of Barton [Tioga County]: Windmill farm may be in town’s future”, Morning Times (10/14)

A windmill farm may be on its way to the Town of Barton, but as to when it will happen is still years away. The windmill farm is being sought by Gamesa Energy USA, which is the United State’s branch of Gamesa Corp. The company, which is based in Spain, specializes in sustainable energy technologies, mainly wind power…

“Wind-farm workers laid off [Bellmont & Chateaugay, in Franklin County]”, Press Republican (10/15)

Noble Environmental Power has stopped work at its Bellmont and Chateaugay wind-energy projects and laid off its workers. And it appears the bankruptcy of one of its major financial backers may have played a part. “Due to conditions in the financial markets, Noble Environmental Power has had to scale back its development plans for 2009,” Noble Chief Executive Officer Walter Howard said in a written statement…

A related article by Shelley Livernois is reported on the blogosphere to have been published by the Malone Telegram on October 11.

“Clayton [Jefferson County] wind farm noise study to be aired”, Watertown Daily Times (10/9)

The long-awaited full report on the Horse Creek Wind Farm noise study will go public in a week, the town announced Wednesday. But the availability of the report was not enough to satisfy upset residents who stormed into the council meeting demanding that the town start formulating a local law to limit noise levels of wind turbines and establish setbacks…

“Residents [in Cohocton, Steuben County] at Odds Over Wind Turbines”, WHAM-Channel 13 (10/14)

A group of Cohocton residents opposed to the $230-million wind turbine project, say they will appeal to a higher court. A Steuben County supreme court judge dismissed three of their lawsuits last week…

More on objections to the Cohocton project may be found in the 10/8/2008 Honolulu [as in Hawaii] Weekly.

“Town [of Hammond in St. Lawrence County] tussles with turbines”, Watertown Daily Times (10/14)

If the town board meeting was any indication, the town of Hammond is divided on building wind turbines, except for one issue: there is not enough information to make any decisions. The board and members of the public discussed a possible wind turbine law for more than two hours Monday and reached an agreement to continue discussions…

“Hartsville [Steuben County] officials approve new code of ethics”, The Evening Tribune (10/9)

Hartsville town officials approved a new code of ethics Wednesday night, but not before a long discussion on conflicts of interest. The board hosted a public hearing on the updated code, which, according to town Supervisor Steve Dombert, was revised following the alleged conflicts of interest of former board members…

…The board members also discussed each other’s possible conflicts of interest, specifically involving a proposed wind turbine project in the town…

“Hornellsville [Steuben County] votes in favor of wind”, The Evening Tribune (10/15)

The Hornellsville town board believes wind energy is the way to go. The board, joined by members of the town planning board, passed a resolution Tuesday night opening the town up for wind development…


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