New York wind power: Cattaraugus, St. Lawrence, offshore, Gov. Paterson

Cattaraugus County taxes

From the Buffalo News (9/24):

Cattaraugus County has retained its ability to tax alternative energy systems – including wind farms, solar energy systems and on-farm methane digesters – with a 16-2 vote for passage of a local law Tuesday. The law applies to facilities within the county, including as many as four potential wind farm projects under consideration, and effectively disarms a state tax code provision exempting these energy sources from taxes.

Morristown (St. Lawrence County) examines wind regulation

Per the Watertown Daily Times (9/25) Morristown (apparently no stranger to windmills) is studying a zoning ordinance to regulate wind energy conversion systems:

A small classroom in St. John’s parish was filled with curious citizens Wednesday night, gathered to ask questions and discuss zoning for possible wind turbines. The purpose of the meeting, held by the Wind Energy Committee, was to “put the horse before the cart” and examine possible zoning laws before wind energy companies take a closer look at the town…

…The next committee meeting will be at 7 p.m. Oct. 22 in the town hall. The committee plans to have a recommendation ready and the public is encouraged to attend.

More on proposed LIPA-Con Edison Queens offshore wind project

This project, which originated from Governor Paterson’s Renewable Energy Task Force, could provide significant market development benefits to the wind industry, create clean-tech jobs, and help diversify the State’s electricity system. In addition, any project resulting from this work could demonstrate that we can meet the State’s energy supply needs in an environmentally sound manner while benefiting the State’s economy by reducing dependence on imported energy.


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