New York wind developments

Town of Ashford reviews Horizon Wind project

The Springfield Journal (9/18) reports on an appearance by Horizon Wind before the Town Board in Ashford (Cattaraugus County).

Cattaraugus County continues PILOT law review

Per Buffalo News (9/23)

The Cattaraugus County Industrial Development Agency is not mentioned in a proposed local law intended to sidestep a blanket state tax exemption and maintain the county’s ability to tax wind farms and other alternative energy facilities.

Town of Grafton looks at meteorological tower

Per the Eastwick Press, the town of Grafton (Rensselaer County) Planning Board has been reviewing Reunion Power’s meteorological (or MET) tower.

New Long Island offshore wind project?

Per Newsday (9/23)

A year after nixing an offshore wind farm near Jones Beach, the Long Island Power Authority will explore a new, larger proposal with Con Edison for a field of up to 100 turbines off the coast of Queens…

…The plan is expected to benefit from a decision to erect the 450-foot-high wind turbines 10 miles out to sea – farther than the 3.5 to 5-mile location of the torpedoed Jones Beach project, which was to have been built by FPL Energy. The energy capacity for the newly proposed wind farm would be 300 megawatts, double that of the FPL plan.


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