Wind energy community organization

Town-based wind energy project controversies in New York (and elsewhere) can be propelled or affected by personalities, politics, money and a host of other issues unrelated, or only indirectly related, to the merits or shortcomings of any particular project. In many instances, communications breakdowns exacerbate the problem.

Proponents of wind may find thoughtful community organization guidance at Timlynn Babitsky’s Wind Power Handbook website. Central among Ms. Babitsky’s recommendations is the necessity of open, honest lines of communication. Whether one is for or against wind energy projects, this piece of advice seems sacred.

Indeed, it is this blogger’s view that especially successful wind project advocates (or detractors for that matter) are those who are prepared to discuss the aspects of a project that undermine their own point of view. Friends or enemies of the wind industry should be able  to address factual detrimental details openly, and explain why they believe they are outweighed by what they see as authentic advantages.


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