Think tank says $7.1B in New York for “green economic recovery”

A new report by the Center for American Progress think tank suggests economic and other benefits to a national program enhancing the nation’s renewable energy sector. For New York, the authors envision:

  • New York’s share of national green economic recovery program: $7.1 billion in “green economic recovery”;
  • net job creation of 131,991 jobs; and
  • a reduction of state unemployment rate to 3.8 percent in two years from 5.2 percent in June 2008.

As part of the report a New York fact sheet has been produced. The fact sheet:

…details the impact on New York based on a national report that outlines a green economic recovery program to strengthen the U.S. economy over the next two years and leave it in a better position for sustainable prosperity. In the national report we propose policies to expand job opportunities by stimulating economic growth, stabilizing the price of oil, and making significant strides toward fighting global warming and building a green, low-carbon economy. This green economic recovery program-including investments in retrofitting buildings, expanding mass transit and freight rail, constructing smart energy grids, and expanding production of wind power, solar power, and advanced biofuels-would be a down payment on a 10-year policy program recommended by the Center for American Progress in its 2007 report “Capturing the Energy Opportunity: Creating a Low-Carbon Economy”…

The New York fact sheet is here.


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