New York wind energy developments

Offshore wind gaining traction

Wall Street Journal (9/3) reports on the increasing interest in offshore facilities, particularly off the east coast of the United States, where a relatively shallow outer continental helps to contain the potential cost (and viewshed challenges) of siting offshore wind facilities:

…And New York City officials are talking with wind-power developers about erecting turbines on a massive tract of the Atlantic Ocean about 25 miles from Manhattan. Offshore wind power seems likely to be the largest source of renewable energy for the city, says James Gallagher, senior vice president for energy policy for the New York Economic Development Corp. The idea is part of a broader plan by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to curb the growth in the city’s demand for fossil-fueled energy.

US National Renewable Energy Laboratory calculates economic, environmental savings

This item is from earlier in the summer, but of note. A “down and dirty” study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (of the US Department of Energy) finds that the:

economic benefits from 1000 MW [megawatts] of development in New York to be $1.3 billion, annual CO2 reductions are estimated at 2.5  million tons, and annual water savings are 1,230  million gallons.

New York recently had some 8500 MW of nameplate wind generation in the NYISO queue.

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