New York PSC issues order on 15 x 15 Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard

The New York Public Service Commission (PSC) issued an order June 23 formalizing the Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard or EEPS. The PSC initiated the proceeding (CASE 07-M-0548) in May 2007, to achieve a reduction in statewide electricity usage by 15% by 2015 (the “15×15” goal). As the PSC stated in its order:

The objectives of the EEPS are to realize New York’s untapped potential for energy efficiency and make this a high priority energy resource. This potential was described in a 2003 report on the development of New York State’s energy efficiency program. Working toward and ultimately attaining this aggressive goal will moderate expected increases in average bills and the State’s energy costs over time; enhance system reliability; ease wholesale prices and transmission and distribution congestion; reduce greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution from the energy sector; improve New York’s energy security and create clean energy jobs for New Yorkers….

In this Order, several foundational issues are addressed, resulting in an expanded energy efficiency program capable of attaining the goal adopted in the Instituting Order: a 15% reduction in forecast electricity usage by the year 2015 (15 x 15).

  • First is the adoption of specific, interim, three-year targets for MWh reduction, with a forecast trajectory that will achieve the efficiency goal of this proceeding.
  • Second is the approval of specific energy efficiency programs for immediate implementation (the “fast track” programs).
  • Third is the direction to New York’s investor-owned utilities to commence collection, through the System Benefits Charge (SBC), of additional funds to support the EEPS through 2011.
  • Fourth is the adoption of a requirement that utilities file energy efficiency programs consistent with the policies and benefit/cost factors adopted herein. Fifth is the adoption of findings under the State Environmental Quality Review Act.

While there is no explicit mention of wind energy, goals of the proceeding include “decreas[ing] the State’s dependence on fossil fuel-based generation and imported fuels, and reduc[ing] its greenhouse gas emissions.” See Order, Note 1. The PSC order establishing the EEPS 15×15 goal may be found here. Other case files may be found here.


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