New York wind energy updates

Wind Project in Evans

Buffalo News reports that the Town of Evans (Erie County) is considering various wind facilities siting laws.

Wind Power Court Case

Evening Tribune reports that a court case in the Appellate Division of the Fourth Judicial Department aimed at stopping Everpower’s 25-turbine development in the Town of Howard (Steuben County) continues. The Town Board is overseeing the environmental review of the project, per another article.

GE Energy Report on Federal Tax Credits

GE Energy Financial Services released a report concluding that federal tax credits for wind are more than made up with taxes, profits and wages. The study estimates that

a federal tax incentive [the Production Tax Credit or PTC] set to expire Dec. 31 for wind energy projects more than pays for itself through tax revenues from the projects’ income, vendors’ profits and individual workers’ wages. The study – released at the American Council on Renewable Energy’s Renewable Energy Finance Forum in New York – estimated that wind farms built in 2007, supported by the production tax credit, carry a net present value benefit to the US Treasury of $250 million.

Jordanville Wind Project

Observer and Dispatch of Utica reports that Iberdrola’s Jordanville wind project has been scaled back after the Town lost a court case. The Town has apparently decided not to appeal. Instead, per reports, Iberdrola intends to submit plans for a project reduced from 68 to 40 turbines.

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