Recent wind developments in NY

Chautauqua wind

Recent news reports from the Buffalo News and the Observer discuss Horizon Wind’s projects in Arkwright and Pomfret in far western Chautauqua County, roughly 40 miles southwest of Buffalo and near Lake Erie’s eastern shore.

The two projects would share a substation in Pomfret, connecting to National Grid. The Arkwright project, further along than the proposed Pomfret wind farm, is known as “New Grange Wind Farm”. In Pomfret, Horizon Wind is proposing to erect metereological towers, one of the first steps in lengthy siting process, whereas final approval is being sought for New Grange.

According to the articles, the Pomfret site would have some 20-30 turbines, and Arkwright another 38-47, possessing in the aggregate some 125 MW of nameplate generation capacity. Per the articles, the company hopes to have New Grange operational in 2009 and Pomfret in 2010.

Schenectady wind energy reports

Schenectady’s Daily Gazette over the last months has been running numerous articles on wind power. Not surprising given the presence of General Electric (GE), one of the world’s leading suppliers of turbines. (Chicago may have a say in whether Schenectady, known as “Electric City,” will convert itself into “Wind City.”).

In its most recent installment, the paper describes efforts of various companies with a local presence, including GE, to make the promise of wind energy a reality. GE, which designs turbines at its Global Research Center in Niskayuna (a Schenectady suburb), also plans to add 650 engineering and white collar jobs to its Wind Product Management and Customer Support scheduled to open in Schenectady.

Additionally, AWS Truewind provides consulting services to wind developers. MSE Power Systems provides engineering services relating to electricity transmission. Horizon Wind, mentioned above, also has a sizable Albany presence.

Niagara Falls wind

[added 6/4]: The Niagara Gazette and Buffalo News both report on interest of Empire State Wind Energy to site facilities near Niagara Falls.

Hanover wind law

The Observer reports that the Town of Hanover (Chautauqua County)) is proposing to change its local law relating to wind projects, in order to move forward on a joint project (a 67-turbine 100 MW project being developed by Noble Environmental Power) with the town of Villenova.

Wind energy studies

At least one school is responding to the increased interest in wind energy. Clinton Community College in Plattsburgh (in far-northern Clinton County) announced that its Board of Trustees had approved a new program in Wind Energy and Turbine Technology. Will law schools that emphasize land use and zoning follow suit?


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