PSC approves Noble Wethersfield Windpark environmental management and construction plan phase 2 facilities

A recent order of the New York Public Service Commission illustrates some of the myriad challenges –in this instance regulatory– faced when attempting to site an industrial wind farm.

Noble Wethersfield Windpark LLC (Noble) intends to construct a 5.6 mile long 230kV overhead electric transmission line and assocated substation and switchyard in the towns of Wethersfield and Orangeville in Wyoming County. The facilities would enable interconnection between Noble’s 127.5 MW project to an existing transmission line of New York State Electric and Gas Corporation (NYSEG).

Noble had to address issues including: topsoil segregation, storage and replacement of construction activities, drainage tile repair, breeding and habitat of the Jefferson Salamander (a “species of concern” in New York due to habitat loss), invasive species management, plans for right of way clearing, disposition of cleared vegetation, erosion control, facility location and work space configuration, access road arrangements, project scheduling, avoidance of a gas line, and transmission facility security.

Commenting parties included Department of Public Service Staff, NY Department of Agriculture and Markets, and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

NY PSC Case No. 07-T-0140. []


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