NY Renewable Energy Task Force roadmap emphasizes wind

In February 2008, the NY Renewable Energy Task Force issued its roadmap [http://www.ny.gov/governor/press/lt_RETF_Report.pdf] to move New York “towards greater renewable energy development and greater energy independence.” Of the five principal Task Force recommendations, one explicitly promoted wind generation:

Develop a Strategy to Reap the Benefits of New York’s Wind Energy Potential: Wind energy offers the opportunity for clean, renewable power to be generated in New York State. The Task Force recommends that the state commit to realizing the potential of wind energy by addressing local siting and permitting issues, and conducting studies to address transmission and infrastructure limitations. New York has the most wind energy development potential in the northeast and mid-Atlantic region. The more than 5,000 MW of wind energy that has applied for interconnection to the grid shows the industry’s interest in and commitment to New York, and the State should support project development and interconnection efforts.

Three others certainly touched on wind:

  • Re-Commit to Meeting the State’s Renewable Portfolio Standard Goal [25% by 2013] and Evaluate Raising Renewable Energy Target;
  • Enhance and Expand New York’s Existing Net Metering Law [to allow and encourage New York companies to produce their own renewable energy “on site” and deliver excess power back to the energy grid]; and
  • Invest in Clean Energy Businesses for Economic Growth.

A summary of the report may be found on the Governor’s website. [http://www.ny.gov/governor/press/lt_RETFreport.html] The Task Force is expected to issue its final report in December 2008.


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